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Geisel Fact Sheet

Staff Portrait of Brian E. C. Schottlaender
Brian E. C. Schottlaender
President President Brian Schottlaender is a Founding Principal of re:work library consulting. From 1999 to 2017, he led the UC San Diego Library as the Audrey S. Geisel University Librarian. Brian is also the Chair of the Geisel-Seuss Enterprises Board of Directors
Staff Portrait of Ted Owens
Ted Owens
Vice President Vice President Ted Owens is a designer and filmmaker. His company, Syncronos Design, promotes sustainable technology design and is currently directing a feature-length animated film on environmental issues. Ted is also on the board of Geisel-Seuss Enterprises.
Staff Portrait of Satomi Saito
Satomi Saito
Treasurer Satomi Saito serves as Treasurer of the Dr. Seuss Foundation. Satomi, the Senior Financial Analyst for the California Digital Library, has worked in a variety of finance roles for educational institutions including the UCSD Library and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Staff Portrait of Katie Rast
Katie Rast
Katie Rast serves as Secretary for the Dr. Seuss Foundation. She was the Executive Director for the Fab Lab, a local program fostering innovation in partnership with the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT. She is currently the Director of Community Impact at San Diego Foundation, focused on advancing equitable opportunities for children and families.
Staff Portrait of Lucia Wiechers Garay
Lucia Wiechers Garay
Lucia Wiechers Garay is a retired education administrator and a leader in early childhood education. Her passion for equitable access for children  furthest removed from quality multi-lingual early literacy opportunities includes supporting families, early childhood educators, and  caregivers in developing and providing experiential, language and literacy rich environments during a child’s most critical developing years (birth - age 5).
Staff Portrait of Claudia Prescott
Claudia Prescott
President Emerita A longtime associate of the Geisel family, Claudia Prescott serves as President Emerita of the Dr. Seuss Foundation. Her philanthropic endeavors have been recognized with numerous accolades, including the 2020 Vista Hill “In My Backyard” (IMBY) Award.
Staff Portrait of Jay Hill
Jay Hill
Executive Director Jay Hill serves as the first Executive Director of the Dr. Seuss Foundation. He was also the first CEO of the San Diego Public Library Foundation and served as the Executive Director of Gay Games IV, a worldwide sports and cultural event fostering health, empathy, and community.
Staff Portrait of Briea Emory
Briea Emory
Program Manager Briea Emory is the Program Manager for the Dr. Seuss Foundation. She brings 10 years of administrative experience to her role overseeing the grantmaking operations of the Foundation, providing executive support to the staff and Board, and collaborating with community partners.
Staff Portrait of Alexandria Papasavas
Alexandria Papasavas
Controller Alexandria Papasavas is the Controller for the Dr. Seuss Foundation. She previously worked at a large, west coast-based CPA firm and founded a minority- and woman-owned accounting and HR consulting firm providing bookkeeping, controller, HR, and CFO services.

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  • Project staff
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  • Project supplies
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  • Telephone charges
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  • Miscellaneous office supplies

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  • Audit and legal
  • Administrative staff
  • Equipment rental


The Dr. Seuss Foundation is committed to transparency. An independent, professional accounting firm audits our financial statements annually.

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