Grantee Resources


Grant funds awarded are expected to be expended within the approved budget, timeline, and conditions presented in the approved proposal. If a change in funding purpose or timeline is necessary, this must be communicated to the Foundation prior to any alteration, and any changes subsequently approved.

Grant Reports

Final written reports (narrative and financial) are generally due two months after the project period ends and will be submitted via the Grantee Portal. If the project is one year in length, the Foundation may require a mid-project narrative and financial report, and if multi-year, a narrative and financial report is required once a year. The narrative report needs to summarize what was accomplished by the expenditure of the funds, including a description of the progress made toward achieving the stated objectives and desired outcomes.

Intellectual property

One goal of the Foundation is to ensure its funding supports philanthropic purposes and benefits the public. Thus, any materials produced during the project that are intended for public distribution will, whenever feasible, be made available with an appropriate Creative Commons license, or equivalent. The Foundation seeks prompt and broad dissemination or availability of the grantee products at minimal cost to the public or, when justified, at a reasonable price.

Grantee Communication Guidelines

You can download the Grantee Communication Guidelines which are intended for use by Dr. Seuss Foundation grantees to help publicize your grant awards and project.